BELGRADE – Serbian Radical Party (SRS) leader Vojislav Seselj said Thursday that the ICTY verdict acquitting him of all charges was the only possible from the legal point of view.

Speaking at a press conference at the SRS headquarters shortly after the verdict was announced, Seselj said that he knew from the beginning that there was no evidence that he had committed any crime.

“Once I won, I was no longer interested in the verdict – I have not been sentenced, but maybe I should have been at least a little, to make the enemies of Serbs – both outside and within Serbia – less furious,” Seselj said.

Trial Chamber Judges Jean-Claude Antonetti and Mandiaye Niang have demonstrated that professionalism, honour and dignity are above any political pressure, which they have resisted, he said.

He expressed regret that his “close friends” Milan Martic, General Zdravko Tolimir, Radovan Karadzic and many others did not have honourable and fair judges, in which case, he said, they would have been acquitted, too.

“My position on the ICTY as an anti-Serb court and an instrument of the New World Order has not changed an iota,” Seselj said.