BELGRADE – The Vojislav Seselj case before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) is set to end in the same way in which it had begun – with a precedent, says the head of Serbia’s National Council for Cooperation with the ICTY Rasim Ljajic.

“The decision that Seselj does not have to attend the announcement of the verdict sets a precedent – it has not happened thus far,” Ljajic told the RTS.

Keeping someone in prison for 12 years without a verdict is a precedent, and so is “enabling” them to be absent during the announcement of the verdict, but this is “nothing new, at least considering the Tribunal itself and the decisions it has made,” Ljajic said.

It is an attempt to find a way out of the situation and the ICTY is trying to get rid of the problem by “solving it in any way, just to stop having to deal with it any more,” Ljajic said.