BELGRADE – Serbia’s Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic has said in reply to Croatia’s Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov that Serbia is shocked at the way he is interfering in its internal affairs, adding that he should first take a look at what is happening in his own backyard.

In a written statement sent to media on Thursday, Stefanovic advises Petrov he should first see how Serbs in Croatia live, those who have remained after the pogrom orchestrated by the Franjo Tudjman regime.

The minister also says that Petrov should also take note of everyday threats facing Serbs in Croatia and infringements of all human rights.

“He had better see the Blackshirts marching through Zagreb downtown, the destruction of Cyrillic signs, systematic obstruction of Serb returns to their homes, but it is evident that he does not want to see this,” Stefanovic says.

There is no such behaviour in Serbia, he underlines.

“There is no revival of fascism in Serbia. As for the catharsis, Petrov ought to remember that Croatia forced 300,000 Serbs to flee their homes during Operations Flash and Storm, just because they are Serbs,“ Stefanovic says.

Earlier on Thursday, Petrov criticised the Serbian government on his Facebook profile for not extraditing Vojislav Seselj to the Hague so that the judgment could be read on March 31 in his presence.