BELGRADE – Kosovo police held in custody F.B., I.F. and S.L. for establishing cells of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Kosovo, and filed criminal charges against three returnees from Syria because of their ties with ISIS, reports RTS internet portal.

Kosovo Ministry of Interior confirmed for Tanjug that jihadists were arrested on the basis of operational data that was provided by Turkey and another state to Pristina. The men were arrested on suspicion of being involved in recruiting new members for the Islamic state.

The three of them lived in Pristina, Urosevac and Gnjilane, reports Radio Kontakt Plus.

F.B., who was in Syria from February to December last year, had the most experience in warfare.

“He was the first in the practical and theoretical training, and then he was given a weapon and he was sent to the front line. Later he was promoted to the leader of the combat unit which had 11 members mostly from Kosovo,” said an unnamed source from Kosovo Office of the Special Prosecutor, reports Tanjug.

RTS learned that the interrogation of suspects is ongoing and when it is done motives of the arrested and possible planned actions of the suspected will be known.

Otherwise, there are about 200 Albanians in Kosovo – returnees from wars in Syria and Iraq, and there is a group of 60 persons in Kosovo prisons who are under investigation on suspicion of planning terrorist actions.