BELGRADE – School in Zlatica near Zrenjanin was recently closed, and soon another ten might suffer the same fate, writes “Blic”.

“Until recently we had one student, but he moved with his family to Lazarevo”, the daily learned in the school in Zlatica.

In Vojvodina there are more than 300 primary schools, and even twenty have less than eight classes. In the primary school “Jovan Popovic” in Susek classes are attended by only one first grade student. There are no more children in the village of that age who would attend the first grade in the school.

“Last year we had two students, but this year only one. The school in Svilos earlier had up to 25 students”, said Ilija Pesic, director, adding that the school has branches in Lug, Grabovo and Banostor. The situation is similar in Grabovo, where only two students attend classes.

“In Grabovo a teacher holds classes for two students. One is third, the other fourth grade. In Svilos and Grabovo we have two teachers and a cleaning woman, who is responsible for both objects”, said Pesic.

Marinika Tepic, Provincial Secretary for Sports and Youth, says that the most recent data on the number of students in Vojvodina is indication of all that had been pointed out for years by statisticians.

“When you close a school, you indicate the closure of the town,” said Tepic.

Milan Trbovic, president of the Union of Education Workers of Vojvodina, says that teaching in small towns is “held on muscles”.

“In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, schools provide classes even with a small number of students and we insist that a bus to transport children to school is organized in places where the schools will be closed,” he said.