Vucic confident that EU path is best path for Serbia


BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is confident that the EU path is the best path for Serbia because being an open democratic society with the rule of law is a strategic orientation.

Speaking at a conference on the migrant crisis on Wednesday, Vucic said that he knows very well that this way of thinking is not popular in Serbia at all “due to some other things”, as well as some decisions by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

The question also remains what the EU will be like when Serbia arrives at its door, Vucic said.

“What condition the EU will be in at that time is a question for them. For us, it is important that we are an orderly country. Anything else would lead Serbia to a demise that would not only be an economic one,” the prime minister said.

“Nevertheless, I will once again come out and say that I see the path leading to the EU as the best, strategic path for Serbia, that our country should be that type of society, and develop democracy as part of the political system and have rule of law,” Vucic said.

It is up to us to do the job by 2020 and then let the EU say what it thinks about it, Vucic said.


  1. This freemasonic US/ NATO- w*ore Vucic talks like Serbia never was a democratic state!
    The EU is a sinking boat and far from democracy!
    He lowers his own people like they are begging for an entry into the EU, not to mention the Croats and their arrogant behaviour against the Serbian people!
    Sram da te bude Aleksandare, sto izdajes svoj narod! Neka ti Bog to racuna na sudnjem danu!

    • Spot on ! Whoever considers EU a good move, and let’s contain ourselves from laughing! – a democracy ?????? Has nobody been watching how EU citizens are being treated against their will? Let Serbia stay as she is, she has still got dignity to build on, and Marko Rossi, you said it! Not just Croats but Albanian – and in truth what the f**k has EU done to help? It has taken all rights and protection aways from Serbs.