LJIG – Serbia is neither fascinated nor intimidated by the argumentation of Croatian officials, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Sunday in the wake of Zagreb’s warnings that it might block Serbia’s EU accession talks.

“We will keep doing our job, but if they think that we are fascinated or very intimidated by their argumentation, they are terribly mistaken,” the prime minister told reporters when asked to comment on Zagreb’s signals about a potential slowdown on Serbia’s EU path.

“I admit that I do not always understand Croatian officials, and that is the harshest thing I will say about them,” he said.

Serbia is not harming anyone and wishes nothing bad to anyone, the prime minister said in Ljig, central Serbia.

“We are not doing anything to you. We do not even mention every day the 300,000 refugees that you have driven out of their homes – I guess that is the reason why you lecture us every day,” Vucic said in response to Zagreb.

“I remained silent event when (Croatian) officials allowed blackshirts to walk around downtown Zagreb, because I wanted good relations with neighbours,” Vucic said.