Vulin: Inflow of migrants into Serbia has been stopped

Photo: Xinhua/Marios Lolos

BELGRADE – The inflow of migrants into Serbia has been stopped, Minister of Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin said on Saturday.

“No one is crossing Serbia’s borders,“ Vulin told TV Pink in reply to the question on the current migrant situation.

At the time when some European countries are advocating the opening of borders, and others their closing, Serbia must take care of itself, as a country beween a rock and a hard place.

“If the countries located behind us along this route or final destination countries do not want to receive migrants then Serbia cannot let them pass through its territory,“ Vulin said.


  1. Excellent, this migrant problem is Ms Merkel’s, her ever determination to turn EU into a brown and ethnic Europe, whilst destroying Christian values and white Europeans, needs to be brought to a halt. All countries who wish to close their borders do so with the blessing of vast majority of your populations. The strong and healthy young men in their twenties, with their mobile phones and good clothing should try fighting for their countries and their beliefs, countries around the world have all had to, if they had all run away, the planet would be in a irrepairable mess as Europe is being turned into. There is great injustice in the world, comited and imposed by various governments, no-one is immune.