BELGRADE – Republika Srpska (RS) will be preserved and The Hague tribunal’s verdict against Radovan Karadzic is not affecting it in any manner whatsoever, Serbian Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin has said.

In an interview for Sunday’s edition of Belgrade-based daily Politika, Vulin stated that “The Hague tribunal did not create the RS and it therefore cannot stamp it out.”

“It is the Dayton agreement that put the RS into existence. It was created based on the need of the Serb people to protect themselves west of the Drina River with official institutions – and to make sure Jasenovac never happens again,” said Vulin.

Touching on the The Hague tribunal’s verdict pronounced against RS’ first president Radovan karadzic on Thursday, Vulin said that the court which had not convicted Naser Oric, Ramus Haradinaj and Ante Gotovina should not have convicted Karadzic either.

“But of course, the court which has not convicted these people had to convict Karadzic to justify the acquittals,” Vulin said.