BELGRADE – Reis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community of Serbia Adem Zilkic said Sunday that Serbia was not a place where extreme and radical factors could be accepted and supported and Serbia should therefore not be afraid of terrorism.

“Muslims in Serbia are autochthonous to this region. The cultural and language difference is far less noticeable than in other European countries, Zilkic said for Belgrade-based Vecernje Novosti daily, adding that for this reason, Serbia is not a place where extreme and radical factors could be widely supported.

Pointing out that only a very small number of our citizens have gone to Iraq and Syria as foreign fighters and therefore their return could not cause disorder, Zilkic stressed that Serbia had established excellent relations with Islamic countries over the previous century.

He said that the fight against terrorism would not be successful as long as there were double standards concerning crimes committed in Europe and those committed in Nigeria, Turkey, Iraq and elsewhere, as such an approach was an encouragement to terrorists to continue doing what they were doing.