BELGRADE – Former head of American diplomacy Madeleine Albright believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “smart, but very evil man”, and that Russia is a country that provokes, and then feels offended.

In an interview with Vienna daily “Die Presse”, she said that Putin is a KGB officer who wants to have control and believes that everyone conspired against Russia, which is not true.

“He has very bad cards in his hands, but he used them well, at least in the short term. I believe that his goal is to undermine and cause division in the EU. He wants NATO to disappear from his sphere of influence,” explained Albright.

She presented a theory that Russia underwent an identity crisis, adding that she will never forget something someone had told her in the nineties in Moscow, and that was that he was ashamed because “Russia was a superpower and it is Bangladesh with missiles”. As she pointed out, this is what Putin used.

At the same time she believes that fears of the Baltic states are justified, due to the asymmetric methods of waging war, that Russia applies.

Albright, at the remark that Putin achieved his goal to rebuild Russia, said that he did it by, for the first time after 1945, “occupying and annexing another country in Europe” – Crimea in Ukraine.

According to her, this should not have been allowed.

“Putin established nationalism to draw attentions of Russians from the fact that their country is only Bangladesh with missiles,” she underlined.

He intervened in Syria just to divert attention from Ukraine and strengthen again Moscow’s influence in the Middle East, said Albright.

“I have to stress that the US have no problem with Russia, until it occupies another countries,” said Albright.

Criticizing the US for not accepting refugees, Albright said:

“The US cannot tell other countries what to do, if it itself do not accept refugees. I often flew over the US. We are a big country and we have a lot of space”.

She added that the international system in Syria is failed.

“Everyone thought that the crisis will disappear. UN and EU agencies acted as if they have to register refugees with pencils, although they have computers,” she said.

She expressed concern over the EU saying that it falls apart because of hyper-nationalism.

She pointed out that there are problems whose solution requires more countries, and the US does not want to be the world’s policeman, nor the imperialist country.