TAKOVO – The 201st anniversary of the Second Serbian Uprising against Ottoman rule was commemorated in Takovo, near Gornji Milanovac, central Serbia, on Saturday.

Today, Serbia needs unity, work, stability, strength, unification and peace, which it will protect with diplomacy, the army and new jobs, schools and hospitals, Minister of Labour, Employment and Veteran and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin said.

Heading a state delegation at a government ceremony marking the anniversary, Vulin laid a wreath in a memorial complex dedicated to the Second Serbian Uprising of 1815.

“Whenever they were not in uprisings, the Serbs were expellees. The Serbs know that, whenever they were not deciding on their own fate, the decisions, made without them, were bad for them. The Serbs know that only free people give birth to free people and that slaves have never given birth to free people,” Vulin said.

No generation in the history of Serbia has wanted to trade freedom for something else, “and that is why the Serbs will continue to protect their country and defend it,” Vulin said.

Just like two centuries ago, the Serbs today want a strong and united state, a powerful army and strong diplomacy and they seek to develop their country, Vulin said.