PIROT – Serbia has never constructed any fences on its borders despite the massive inflow of migrants to Europe, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Tuesday.

According to Serbian Minister of Labour and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin, around 600,000 refugees from conflict-torn countries have passed through the country since 2014, some of them decided to stay in Serbia.

“[Serbia is the country] without any fences, without any condemnation and with good organization that provided them [refugees] with food, water, health care and accommodation,” Nikolic said at the Christian Perception of the Refugee Problem in Light of the Current Reality conference underway in Pirot on April 11-14.

Vulin said in his turn that the majority of the refugees who had entered Serbia were Muslims, but Orthodox Serbs accepted them “as if they came from their own villages and towns” and were of the same religion and language.

Last year saw over 1.8 million border crossings into Europe in what has been called the worst refugee crisis since World War II.