CORFU – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, who is leading a delegation to a ceremony marking the centenary of the Serbian army’s landing on the Ionian island of Corfu, has said that the brotherhood of the Greek and Serbian peoples was then forged for eternity, woven into our being forever, as part of Serbia’s heroic history.

Serbia will never forget that troops from France, Russia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Canada, Italy, Essad Pasha’s soldiers fought side by side with its own forces, the president said on Monday.

Around 21,000 Serbian soldiers were killed on the Salonika Front, around 23,000 French soldiers, around 3,000 British, around 1,500 Greek ones, around 3,500 Italian soldiers, Nikolic noted, adding that 10,000 Russian soldiers had been sent to the Macedonian or “Forgotten Front” on the direct order of Tsar Nicholas II, and around 4,300 of them died.

“The story was passed on to us, and we are telling it to our children, and our children will be telling it to their children and so on – the story about the death, agony, sacrifice of the Serbian youth, about the Blue Sea Tomb, and that freedom comes at a high price,” the Serbian president said.