BELGRADE – The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won the early parliamentary elections in Serbia, and the new parliament could comprise seven parties, as three parties are hovering around the election threshold of five percent, Program Director of the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) Djordje Vukovic at the last press conference on Sunday.

He said CeSID could not do a final projection, as the things were changing minute by minute.

Based on over 82 percent of processed ballots, the SNS won 49.9 percent of the vote, the SPS -11.6 percent, the SRS – 7.8 percent, the DS -5.9 percent, Enough is Enough- 5.2 percent, the SDS-LDP-LSV and the Dveri-DSS coalitions – 5 percent each, he said.

As for the elections for the provincial assembly, the SNS secured 45.1 percent, the SPS- 8.8 percent, the DS- 8 percent, the SRS- 7.2 percent, the SVM-6.5 percent, the LSV- 6.1 percent, Enough is Enough – 4.1 percent, the SDS-LDP  – 3 percent, Dveri-DSS  3 percent of the vote.