Croatia has blocked Serbia on its path to the EU

BELGRADE – The Government of the Republic of Serbia is stunned with Croatia’s decision not to support the European path of Serbia. Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic reacted to Croatia’s decision to block the opening of chapters in the negotiations between Serbian and the EU.

“The Government of the Republic of Serbia is stunned with Croatia’s decision not to support Serbia’s European path. The Republic of Croatia did not have a single valid reason for such a decision. Serbia has taken a note of the attitude of the Republic of Croatia’s stance and Serbia will not allow to be blackmailed by anyone in Europe and wold, including the Republic of Croatia, or to be humiliated,” says the statement.

The Prime Minister says that Serbia is a country of libertarian people and will never be “a punching bag” for anyone.

At the meeting of the Committee on EU enlargement in Brussels Croatia did not give consent for the opening of Chapter 23 of the negotiations between Serbia and the EU.

The head of the Serbian negotiating team Tanja Miscevic told Tanjug that Croatian representative “did not have instructions from Zagreb”, so that item on the agenda was passed and left for the next week.

That item will now, as she explained, constantly be placed on the agenda and “will not move, be removed or blocked until the green light is received from Zagreb”.

“We are not sure what is required at this time, but we know that more than this really cannot be done,” said Miscevic.


  1. Serbia should quit the quest for EU. Notice how it didn’t prevent Greece from all its troubles and now Greece is being bullied by EU countries. Certain countries are much lower on the “totem pole” than others. Serbia has already implemented measures which have harmed it more than helped, all to please the EU.
    Latest polls show the majority of Serbia’s citizens to not want Serbia to be part of the EU.
    Serbia should stay independent of it in order to have special trade deals with Russia, Belarus and many other EU countries. There is more potential for Serbia to export to and do construction jobs in Russia than the over-saturated EU market.

  2. No one who has busy, happy and successful life cares. Do you get it? Just those who are unemployed , have lot of time on their hands and blame others for their miserable life think this is important . It’s NOT ! You should be judged by your individual success or failure , not by which nation you belong to . And , having lived for 35 year in the West, no one cares hete if you are Croatian , Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian . ..all the Balkans is the same to them.