JASENOVAC – The Coordination of Jewish Municipalities of Croatia on Friday held an independent commemoration for the victims of the WWII Jasenovac death camp, which was also attended by representatives of the country’s ethnic Serb and Italian communities.

Coordination President Ognjen Kraus said that the decision to commemorate the victims separately from the state commemoration was due to a relativisation of the Ustasha movement in Croatia.

“It is an avalanche that has been rolling for over a year – it is reminiscent of what was going on in the Independent State of Croatia in 1941 and what had started in Germany in 1933,” Kraus said after a wreath-laying ceremony and a memorial service by Rabbi Luciano Mose Prelevic.

The fact that separate commemorations are held at Jasenovac this year indicates that now is the last moment to stop the relativisation of Ustasha crimes and the genocide committed here, in other camps or elsewhere, said Milorad Pupovac, the president of the Serb National Council.

A revival of Ustasha values has begun in Croatia, Pupovac said, citing a march of 6,000 people in Zagreb that featured pro-Ustasha slogans, dismissals from work due to ethnicity, sending of racist and pro-Nazi messages, and stadium chants, in particular at the Croatia vs Israel football match.