Croatia seeks support from EU members for blockade of Serbia


BELGRADE – The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has sent to EU member states a document with the detailed explanation of three conditions that Zagreb would like to translate into the bloc’s measures toward Serbia as part of the opening of Chapter 23, the Zagreb-based daily Vecernji List reports.

Citing a source from the EU, Vecernji says that the arguments have not yet persuaded any of the 27 countries to back Croatia.

According to unofficial information, during her stay in Bratislava from Friday to Sunday, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic tried in informal conversations with presidents and other participants of the GLOBSEC Forum to explain Croatia’s arguments in the dispute with Serbia concerning Chapter 23, but also failed to garner the expected support, the daily says.

Ivan Jakovcevic, an MEP of the Istrian Democratic Assembly, openly criticizes Croatia’s move, adding that the blockade could only be counterproductive, the daily adds.

“On one hand, this is considered to be a bilateral problem of two Balkan countries; and on the other – today, Serbia is important to the EU, and well positioned,” Jakovcic said.


  1. Serbia must move forward towards its real future ! towards its true strong pravoslavic identity to be self independent and with smart innovative thinking, using its own natural resources that it has in abundance to choose from , plus its strategic geographical positioning that every past and present invader has dreamed of controlling and owning . Serbia with the right people in place, must remove all those cancer-es cells that have installed poverty, fear and disease too this once great proud nation of Serbia! … Thank You, to our past leader Car Dusan and to all those Great Great Grandfathers who fought for justice and for our God given freedom and all those Serbian Mothers who have given birth to our known and unknown heroes, our brothers that will forever live inside of us, to understand this this is too truly feel what it is to be Serbian !
    Serbia joining the E.U will only bring false hope of a better(bitter) tomorrow with only empty words to live by. E.U is no more or less a corrupted institution that has been copied over from the Roman Empire times… One central government controlling and dictating its perverted false Democracy !
    I can openly say that a country like Croatia a very lost people who sold their soul and forgot their true origin, a nation built on a false belief that their Jesus is much holly-er then ours, and with all that hate inside them to commit genocide, over and over again just to separate themselves from everything that is Serbian, reinventing themselves with much desperation to fill a void in their past history, only to become servants once again to their beloved Vatican Masters .

    Zivela Srbia !!!

    • I am not Serbian, but I am passionately in love with the the country you are talking about. A mighty and proud nation that has defended it’s people and those that asked for its help, it has kept the equilibrium of the Balkans, lest we forget that other countries of the Balkans have turned to ally themselves with the evils of Nazi Germany. Serbia has always kept her strength of identity – this EU will destroy and tread under foot. Serbia is likened to a wild stallion who cannot live and thrive confined and broken. Serbia needs her freedom. EU will kill the very being that makes Serbia who she is. Your words are true and wise, pray there will come forward Serbs to take this great country in the direction she belongs and has always belonged .