Croatian officers request legalization of the salute “For Home – Ready!”


BELGRADE – On the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Nazi puppet “Independent State of Croatia” (NDH), in which hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Roma were killed, today in Split, on the 25th anniversary of the Ninth Division of the Croatian Armed Forces (HOS) it was requested that the notorious Ustasha salute “Za dom spremni!” (lit. “For home (land) – ready!”) becomes legally protected.

“For home – ready!” is a controversial salute used during World War II by the Ustashe movement. It was the Ustashe equivalent of the fascist salute or Nazi salute “Sieg heil”.

The celebration was attended by generals Zeljko Glasnovic and Mile Dedakovic, and a speech was delivered by Colonel Marko Skejo, who requested that the salute “For Home Ready” becomes legally protected.

“The salute with which the best Croatian sons died is pure as a teardrop, it is one of the most beautiful greetings of the Croatian army and people. The salute has to be incorporated in the new Law on Croatian defenders so the discussion of this holy Croatian salute could be stopped once and for all,” said Skejo.

NDH: Concentration camp Jasenovac report about the receival of 199 Jews on 22 September 1941. Signed with "Za dom spremni!" (lit. "For home (land) - ready!")
NDH: Concentration camp Jasenovac report about the receival of 199 Jews on 22 September 1941. Signed with “Za dom spremni!” (lit. “For home (land) – ready!”)

Speaking about Rafael Boban, after which the HOS division was named, Skejo said that he was “one of the bravest and most honorable Croatian military leaders”.

He said that Croats have dreamed and fought for their freedom for centuries, and that “the centennial dream of Croatian freedom was for a short time achieved in 1941 with the foundation of NDH”.

But, as he said, “unfortunately with the betrayal of the nation, NDH was shut down and Croatian people plunged into communist darkness which hunted every Croatian word and idea, and in which were hunted and killed all Croats who dreamed about freedom and independence”.

Colonel Skejo ended his speech with words “For Home” and then members of the HOS ninth division responded with “Ready!”.


  1. Why not? Croatia has got away with murder, genocide and as pet of USA/EU has its own way over any act of terror it wishes. Let them have their salute, at least we can see exactly where Croatia stands and why. And this is the sort of country USA/EU is supporting and wiping the ass of? Shows EU/USA for who they are too.