BELGRADE – It is not good for Croatia to block Serbia and it does not sit well with the EU, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, stressing that we should not be souring the atmosphere, but rather be making effort to find ways to cooperate rationally.

Speaking for regional media outlet N1 about tensions arising in relations between Serbia and Croatia after Croatia blocked the opening of Chapter 23 in EU accession negotiations with Serbia recently, Dacic said that Tuesday’s visit of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to Mostar was very useful and necessary to help “hold one’s horses” a little and approach regional problems in a rational way.

“We should not behave as if we do not wish each other well. It is good that Prime Minister Vucic and the Croatian president talked and I hope the barrage fire that we see here now will soften up eventually,” said Dacic.

He also pointed out that Croatia itself had made a decision in its parliament that bilateral issues would not hinder the European integration process.

“Croatia’s (present) decision is opposite to what the country was saying before,” the Serbian foreign minister said, adding that the topics and conditions that Croatia had set out right now were not new.

Dacic says that he had met with Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac in Amsterdam and that they had agreed on holding meetings between representatives of the two ministries on a regular basis after the elections in Serbia.