BELGRADE –  The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS)-Dveri coalition is below the threshold of 5 percent, while the Social Democratic Party (SDS)-Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)-League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) secured 5.02 percent of the vote, said the national electoral commission (RIK) that processed 99.82 percent of election materials.

According to the available data, the Dveri-DSS coalition gained 4.99 percent in the recent parliamentary elections.

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)-led list secured 48.24 percent of the vote,  the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) – 10.96 percent, the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) -8.11 percent, the Democratic Party (DS) – 6.03 percent and the Enough is Enough movement – 6.03 percent, said Miladin Kovacevic, director of the national stats office.

The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) got 1.50 percent, the Bosniak Democratic Community of Sandzak -0.86 percent, the Party of Democratic Action of Sandzak – 0.80 percent, the Russian Party 0.36 percent and the Party for Democratic Action -0.43 percent.

After the meeting of RIK, an incident took place, as representatives of the Dveri movement voiced their displeasure with the latest election results by verbally attacking RIK Chairman Dejan Djurdjevic, and Miladin Kovacevic.