BELGRADE – Election silence, which will remain in place until the closure of polling stations at 8 pm Sunday, began at midnight in Serbia, banning political parties from engaging in pre-election activities.

From 7 am Sunday, when the polling stations open, Serbian citizens will elect the new national parliament and the Vojvodina provincial assembly, as well as most local assemblies.

The upcoming parliamentary elections will see 20 electoral lists and a total of 3,270 candidates compete for seats, with 15 lists in the race for the 120 seats of the Vojvodina assembly.

A total of 6,771,497 ballot papers will be printed for the elections and may be cast at 8,378 polling stations, including 29 in penitentiary institutions and 38 abroad.

In Kosovo-Metohija, the elections will be held at 90 polling stations in 21 locations.

The central electoral commission must announce the official results of the elections no later than on April 28 at 8 pm.