BELGRADE – Early parliamentary and regular provincial and local elections began in Serbia on Sunday.

The polling stations opened at 7 am and will close at 8 pm, which will also mark the end of election silence.

Serbian citizens elect the 11th national parliament since the introduction of the multi-party system, the new assembly of the Vojvodina province, as well as most local assemblies, with elections being held for all but 14 of them.

Twenty electoral lists with a total of 3,270 candidates are competing for the 250 seats in the parliament.

The total number of voters in Serbia for all local self-government units and all polling stations is 6,739,441, including 1,618,264 in Belgrade, 1,728,991 in Vojvodina, 3,269,663 in central Serbia not including Kosovo-Metohija, 106,094 in Kosovo-Metohija, 8,471 abroad and 8,658 in penitentiary institutions.

There are a total of 8,378 polling stations, including 29 in penitentiary institutions and 38 abroad, as well as 90 in Kosovo-Metohija, distributed in 21 locations.