BELGRADE – Higher wages, new jobs, bread that will cost 3 dinars ($0.027), cheap apartments, thousands of euros in shares… all and more that has been promised to Serbs by politicians in the last ten years. In election campaigns, repeated every two to three years, politicians are ready to do everything to get a vote.

Free shares of public companies worth 1,000 euros

This is a promise which, certainly, remember all citizens of Serbia. It was given by the then Minister and G17 leader Mladjan Dinkic and has never been fulfilled. Dinkic later said that he believed that such a thing “could be real”, but also that he gave the promise so Boris Tadic would have won the presidential elections.

Bread will cost 3 dinars

“If the government majority is composed by Serbian radicals, the price of bread will be 3 dinars. Nonetheless, when I am elected, I will not rest until the price of bread is 3 dinars. Because, everyone say that this is a realistic price,” said once the then Serbian Radical Party (SRS) deputy president Tomislav Nikolic. Tomislav Nikolic is now President of Serbia, member of Vucic’s ruling SNS, and the bread is not cheaper.


The construction of corridors is always a handy bait in campaigns. “Specialist” in deadlines when it comes to the end of their construction was the former Minister Milutin Mrkonjic who had no problem in saying different date every time. Mrkonjic gave the first promise for 2009, then 2012, and while he was relieved from the post of Minister he gave the deadline “2014” and again deceived the public.

The European Union

Since the democratic changes until today, all governments have promised a rapid path to the EU. Djelic, Dinkic, Tadic… If only one of these promises was fulfilled, Serbia could have spent half a decade in the Union already.

We will live better

This is a truism used by all politicians. At one time, we usually heard it from Boris Tadic, and today from Aleksandar Vucic. Typically, every year or two the deadlines move upward. The promise remains the same, and unfulfilled.

There will be no party employment

From Slobodan Milosevic until today all politicians have promised the same. And they all lied. Even today, the majority of employees in the civil service are party soldiers, people who indebted their party by fighting for the common cause, especially in campaigns.

We will prevent the brain drain

Yet another traditional pre-election promise. It is never implemented.

We will stop corruption

It would be more proper to say “we will arrest all who were involved in corruption, and then we will train our people how to do the same”.

Cheap apartments

The current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has promised cheap and quality apartments which might be paid off through loans, with a square meter cost of 380 euros. To date, the idea has not been realized.

We will solve controversial privatizations

There has never been enough political will to deal with this story until the end, and all political parties protected their people. Although some actions have been taken, almost none of them received an epilogue.