BELGRADE – President of the Municipal Board of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Djuradj Jaksic accused the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) that it is buying votes in Novi Sad.

Jaksic said that SNS activists showed up on the territory of Vidovdan settlement, Slana bara and Klisa over the weekend, visiting the poorest citizens of Novi Sad and offering a one-time “aid package” in exchange for a vote.

He said that a resident of Novi Sad, from Vidovdan, brought them such a package he received, and insisted on anonymity for obvious reasons.

The package contains one kilogram of flour, salt and sugar, a liter of sunflower oil, three pates, two meat snacks, cookies and other food.

He appealed to citizens who are offered such “help” to immediately contact the nearest police station and that this is the crime of giving a bribe which should be reported to the law enforcement to prevent manipulation of the electoral will of the citizens.

Jaksic also accused the president of the Serbian Democratic Party Bratislav Svonja that he buys votes for the SNS by giving 2000 to 3000 dinars ($18-$28) to citizens.

In Sombor, a private company “Cerena Trade” gives its customers vouchers with discount for fuel, which actually represent a commercial for the Serbian Progressive Party.

Co-owner of Cerena trade, Zivojin Sarcanski, confirmed for that the voucher is authentic. He says that his motives are patriotic, that he wants to help the citizens of Sombor, but also the Serbian Progressive Party.

Anyone who brings the voucher to his pump station receives a discount of 7 dinars per liter of gasoline and 5 percent discount on oils, lubricants and car cosmetics.

“When someone buys 10 liters of fuel he saves 70 dinars. This is not a small sum of money. Today these are two loaves of bread,” said Sarcanski.