BELGRADE – According to Serbian daily “Novosti”, foreign ministers of 27 members of the EU, who have already given their consent to continue accession talks with Serbia, will try on Monday in Amsterdam, at the meeting of the EU Council of Ministers, to convince their colleague Miro Kovac from Croatia that his country gives up the blockade.

During a recent visit to Vienna, Kovac had already been told that the EU does not look favorably on Croatia’s behavior, and in Amsterdam he will face a direct conversation with German counterpart Frank Walter Steinmeier.

At the meeting of the Committee on EU enlargement in Brussels Croatia did not give consent for the opening of Chapter 23 of the negotiations between Serbia and the EU.

The head of the Serbian negotiating team Tanja Miscevic told Tanjug that Croatian representative “did not have instructions from Zagreb”, so that item on the agenda was passed and left for the next week.

Zagreb insists that Serbia, in order to open the chapter on Justice and Human Rights, amends the law on trials for war crimes, to give more rights to their minority, including reserved seats in the Parliament, as well as to carry out full cooperation with The Hague.

On Friday Kovac asked the European Commission to make a statement and put these requirements as official terms in negotiating criteria for Chapter 23:

“We want good relations with Serbia, which requires healthy foundations. There are issues related to war heritage that need to be solved. I leave it to the people of Serbia, who are negotiating with the EU to discuss Croatian terms with the European Commission,” said Kovac, adding that there is “an agreement in principle” for him to visit Serbia.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia is stunned with Croatia’s decision not to support the European path of Serbia. Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic reacted to Croatia’s decision to block the opening of chapters in the negotiations between Serbian and the EU.

“The Government of the Republic of Serbia is stunned with Croatia’s decision not to support Serbia’s European path. The Republic of Croatia did not have a single valid reason for such a decision. Serbia has taken a note of the attitude of the Republic of Croatia’s stance and Serbia will not allow to be blackmailed by anyone in Europe and wold, including the Republic of Croatia, or to be humiliated,” says the statement.