BELGRADE – Former vice-president of the European Commission and Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini is convinced that the EU will not allow any state, Croatia included, to block the opening of negotiation chapters for Serbia over a bilateral dispute.

Frattini also describes Serbia’s goal to join the bloc by 2020 as realistic.

The Italian politician, who has come to Belgrade to attend the final election rally of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), says he has witnessed a major development in combination with a social, economic and moral revolution.

The European diplomat, who is also an advisor to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, says the PM has demonstrated the capacity to follow the EU path, while at the same time preserving Serbia’s identity.

For example, Vucic maintains traditional relations with the Russian Federation, but also attracts foreign investors from China and the United Arab Emirates.

At the same time, a future Serbia could contribute to building the Europe of tomorrow that will not be based on sacrifice and austerity, but on prosperity, growth and solidarity, Frattini said.