FYROM: Police Deploy Tear Gas as Migrants Attempt Entry From Greece

Photo: Twitter / Katica Djurovic ‏@zoontangmarg

BELGRADE – FYROM (Macedonia) police have deployed tear gas and stun grenades against several hundred migrants attempting to cross the Greek-Macedonian border, Greek media said on Sunday.

Up to 200 migrants from the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece attempted to cross the border after gathering on a railway line, the New Post news website reported.

​A brochure, written in Arabic and containing calls for gathering at Idomeni and attempting to cross the border, had been circulated prior to the incident, the website said.

Citing police sources, the media outlet noted that the attempt at crossing into Macedonia was minor and was not an organized act.

Since the beginning of 2016, over 147,000 migrants have arrived in Greece out of a total of some 160,000 arrivals to Europe via the Mediterranean, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Macedonia closed its border with Greece to incoming migrants in February after other countries along the Balkan route had closed their borders, including Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The border closures have resulted in thousands of refugees being stranded in Greece, particularly along the border with Macedonia.


  1. Can you honestly blame Macedonia, whoever these people are, they are aggressive and mostly not fleeing but looking for an easy ride. They look nothing like “refugees” and an insult to compare them to refugees from WW2. These people are well dressed, most have mobile phones and very few have shown any sign of gratitude to any European country that has allowed them in. They have been cocky enough to throw away food and water that has been given to them, is this truly the act of any genuine person who was fleeing terror? They use the children as bargaining tools, in all truth, these children are bandied around and thrust forward infront of these crowds – what adults do this? Any adult I have known with children protects them and uses themselves as human shields, not vice-versa. With majority being young men in their prime and looking exceptionally fit and healthy and seemingly looking for the spoils of any country they enter, they are willing enough to stand up against riot police, yet not willing enough to stand up for their own countries.