BELGRADE – The German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which was officially launched on Thursday evening, should contribute to strengthening business links between Serbia and Germany, bringing new investments and boosting the Serbian economy, German and Serbian officials noted.

It has been Serbia’s goal to learn from the best, how to implement the dual education system, how to make plans, how to realize them, Serbian Minister of Economy Zeljko Sertic said.

“We are successful now because we have put in place the German standards – work, responsibility, commitment to goals,” he underlined.

German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittmann said that Germany and Serbia already have a very close cooperation, noting that over 350 German companies are doing business in Serbia and have invested over EUR 1.8 billion and created 30,000 jobs.

With the official launch of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, we want to take relations to a higher level. The Chamber will have serious concrete tasks. It will primarily be a partner to German and Serbian members, an advocate of their interests, and deal with the dual-education system in Serbia. The Chamber will also back the Serbian government and institutions in the economic reform process along the EU path, the ambassador said.