BELGRADE – Legendary Cuban high jumper Javier Sotomayor, who holds the current world record in the event, has been named the promoter of the 29th Belgrade Marathon.

Sotomayor set his first world record in Salamanca in 1988 with a 2.43 m leap, and then another (2.44 m) in San Juan, setting the current world record of 2.45 m in 1993, also in Salamanca.

Sotomayor, the 1992 Olympic champion from Barcelona and a six-time world champion, is the next in a line of world record holders who have been named as promoters of the Belgrade Marathon, after long jumper Galina Chistyakova and 400 metre hurdle runner Kevin Young.

Carl Lewis, officially the best Olympian and track and field athlete of all times, promoted the 26th Belgrade Marathon in 2013.

Over the past nearly three decades, the Belgrade Marathon has been promoted by legends such as Emil Zatopek, Merlene Ottey, Bob Beamon, Lasse Viren, Rosa Mota, Mike Powell, Sergey Bubka and others.

This year’s Belgrade Marathon will be held on April 16.