Kosovo: Explosive device thrown outside Serb home in Lipljan


LIPLJAN – An explosive device has been thrown outside the entrance to the family home of Serb Zlatko Lazic, the president of the interim municipal authority of Lipljan in Kosovo-Metohija, the RTS reported.

A threatening message, written in the Serbian language, was left at an auxiliary building in the yard.

The police arrived on the scene and carried out an investigation.

The incident is not the first time that Lazic and other municipal officials have been threatened – cars owned by the director of the regional hospital in the Gracanica municipality Nebojsa Milovanovic and the secretary of the Pristina interim city authority Negovan Saranovic have been torched recently, the RTS said.


  1. USA/EU tore Kosovo from Serbia, now they sit back while the thugs they handed Kosovo to do as they freely please. And this is USA working it’s ever corrupt and evil ways in the world.