BELGRADE – The upcoming parliamentary elections will be held in Kosovo-Metohija pursuant to the decision of the Serbian electoral commission, in a manner that will be completely the same as in 2014, Dusan Kozarev, a deputy head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija, told Tanjug Wednesday.

Like in 2014, the OSCE will be the guarantor of unobstructed voting and regularity of the electoral process, and the Serbian government calls on our citizens in Kosovo-Metohija to go to polling stations in the highest numbers possible, Kozarev explained.

The holding of the April 24 Serbian parliamentary elections in Kosovo-Metohija has been agreed at the last Brussels meeting at prime minister level, and the agreement was facilitated by the EU, he said.

Bajram Gecaj, Kosovo’s deputy minister for local self-government and adviser to the prime minister, said on Wednesday that Kosovo Serbs will vote at vote collection centres organised by the OSCE.

“Kosovo Serbs also have Serbian citizenship, so they need to be enabled to vote,” he told the Albanian Top Channel television.