BELGRADE – Provocations of Albanians who pass through our village have become a part of everyday life, but after the last attack on sisters Aleksandra (12) and Andjelija (14) Jovanovic, we further fear for our children.

This is how residents of Vreoci, Serbian village near Gracanica, describe what they are experiencing for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”. Upset about the incident that happened a few days ago, when Albanians in a car intercepted two underage girls, hitting one of them, residents of Preoci say that they are not safe and that there is no one to protect them.

“Although my daughters still can not recover from the incident, we did not report the case to the police because there is simply no point. They only listen and usually do nothing to find perpetrators,” said Danijela Jovanovic (34), mother of the girls who were attacked by Albanians.

Although she still does not know what were their ultimate intentions, only to intimidate, hurt or kidnap them, Danijela says that, although there were no major consequences the incident has likely achieved the ultimate goal of Albanians – to intimidate and upset them.

Danijela said for Serbian daily that the incident took place on Sunday night around 8pm. Worried mother said she was with Aleksandra and Andjelija in visit to relatives, from where she headed to home before the girls.

“Since I was in a hurry, they were a little behind me, and younger Aleksandra in the meantime ran to the store so Andjelija was left alone on the street. As she told me, a gray metallic car was passing by when it suddenly braked and a man from the vehicle hit her with his hand in the back. She began to scream and, luckily, another car passed by at the moment, which is why the first one went on,” said Danijela and stressed that her daughter did not see how many people were in the vehicle because of the dark, but that she heard them talking in Albanian.

The girl, now joined by her younger sister, returned to relatives who drove them to their home, a few hundred meters away.

“Unfortunately, this is our everyday life and, worst of all, the question is whether something will change in foreseeable future because we have no one to rely upon when it comes to safety,” say the residents of this Serbian village which has about 150 houses.

They say that they can not rely upon Kosovo police, therefore they propose at least occasional KFOR patrols through the village, as it was the case in the first years after the international community came to Kosovo.