BRATISLAVA – Croatia is not blocking Serbia’s EU entry talks but rather asking that all criteria be met, notably the repeal of Serbia’s law on universal jurisdiction for war crimes committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac said on Friday, adding that he would visit Serbia soon.

The main problem is the law which enables Serbian courts to try war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia, regardless of a perpetrator’s or victim’s citizenship, the Hina news agency reported Kovac as saying in Bratislava.

“That’s totally crazy” because the war plans originated in Serbia, Kovac said, adding that the law must be changed and that it was harmful for good neighborly relations and Europe’s stability.

That’s as if Germany had tried the war crimes committed in World War II, the Croatian foreign minister said.

“We continue to support enlargement and want our neighbours in the EU,” Kovac said, adding that the EU was the best thing that happened in the wider region.