BELGRADE – President of the Alliance of Serbs in the Region Miodrag Linta described on Friday as ridiculous the accusations by Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac that “the war plans originated in Serbia” because of which Croatia sought the repeal of Serbia’s law on regional jurisdiction for war crimes.

“It is truly sad that Miro Kovac and other Croatian officials keep saying, parrot-fashion, without any evidence the false thesis that Serbs are aggressors and war criminals, while Croats are allegedly victims who fought the liberation war,” Linta says in a written statement.

He reminds Kovac about Franjo Tudjman’s statement dated May 24, 1992, that there would have been no war in Croatia, had Croatia itself not wanted it, so it is clear that the objective of the Tudjman regime was to expel Serbs, and not to create a modern and multiethnic Croatia in which Serbs would have full national and civil rights.

Linta also points to numerous proofs that the Croatian judiciary is biased, and does not punish members of the Croatian armed forces and police who committed crimes against Serb civilians and prisoners of war.

“With this, Croatia is sending a clear message that it is not interested in lasting peace, good-neighborly relations and sincere reconciliation with Serbia. That is why it is important for Serbia not to abolish regional jurisdiction for war crimes,” Linta said.