BELGRADE – President of the Association of Serbs from the Region Miodrag Linta voiced support for the decision of the representatives of the Jewish community in Croatia to boycott the central commemoration for the victims of the Jasenovac camp on April 22 because of, as he called it, attempts to diminish and conceal the crime of genocide and the Holocaust and reviving the Ustasha ideology.

“In addition, the exhibit of the Museum of Jasenovac does not show the real truth about the genocide and the Holocaust committed by the Ustasha regime and about its criminal character,” Linta said in a written statement to the media.

Linta believes that Croatia has never dealt away with the Ustasha ideology and that the majority of Croats do not think that being an Ustasha is something bad.

“For the majority of Croats, the Ustashas are freedom fighters against Serbian hegemony, rather than the biggest blot in the history of the Croatian people,” said Linta.

He believes that every idea of an independent Croatian state has hatred towards Serbs and Jews woven in its essence.

Linta said that the European Union had a vital responsibility and had to suggest to Croatia that it should begin with a process of doing away with the Ustasha ideology and becoming a normal European state.