PRISTINA- The OSCE Mission in Kosovo will on Sunday collect votes and then transport the ballot boxes to Raska and Vranje, in an effort to make it possible for eligible voters to cast their ballots in the Serbian parliamentary elections, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said in a release.

The OSCE Mission will open five centers with connected branches across Kosovo, with OSCE staff at each of them, the organization said.

The OSCE will be responsible for collecting votes and keeping the sensitive materials that will be used during the electoral process.

The national electoral commission (RIK) provided the OSCE with the materials such as ballots and electoral rolls. The voting procedure will be the same as in 2014.

After the completion of the electoral process, the OSCE will transport the collected votes to Raska and Vranje and hand it over to RIK for counting and accompanying procedures, the OSCE said.