ZAGREB – The Serbian National Council (SNV) in Croatia has made a unanimous decision not to take part in the commemoration for the victims of the Jasenovac camp in WWII and in that way joined the Coordination of Jewish Municipalities in Croatia who made the same decision earlier.

The SNV said in a release that Croatia’s Ministry of Culture had turned a deaf ear to a letter that the SNV and other institutions had sent to them together nearly two months before, in which they had expressed dissatisfaction about the exhibit at the Jasenovac museum and delays in appointing the Council of the Jasenovac Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

The SNV stresses that is clear from a series of events and activities in Croatia that Croatia is trying to diminish and even deny the crimes that the Ustasha movement committed in Jasenovac.

“At public meetings, in the media and in public places, one can hear messages that are revivifying the ideas of the Ustasha movement and extolling its ideology and representatives,” said SNV president Milorad Pupovac.

“Those, our institution included, who warn of such things occurring are often the subject of public attacks and insults. In an atmosphere where remembering the victims is deprecated, where the suffering is being repudiated and those who caused it are beign extolled, we have no choice but to warn in this way that it is high time the state of affairs started to change,” stressed Pupovac.