BELGRADE – Police arrested 49 people on corruption charges on Friday morning, mostly relating to abuse of power in public institutions, and are conducting an intensive search for two more suspects.

The authorities pressed criminal charges in regular proceedings against 25 arrestees, Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said.

“Since 2007, all these people have committed several criminal offences and made a loss to the national, provincial budgets, legal entities and individuals of around EUR 7.6 million in total,” Stefanovic said.

The list of arrestees includes employees of the tax administration authority, the ministry of environmental protection and spatial planning, local self-government officials, employees of public enterprises, Roads of Serbia, Electric Power Industry of Serbia, ElektroKosmet and 12 traffic policemen.

“This is another indicator that police will not stop doing its job together with competent prosecutor’s offices. We will show that Serbia can be a completely serious and just country,” Stefanovic said.