Serbia maintaining intensive military cooperation with UK


BELGRADE – Serbian Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic met with British Ambassador to Serbia Denis Keefe on Friday to recap the good and intensive defence cooperation, which they said is the best part of overall Serbia-UK relations.

Djordjevic thanked Keefe for the support in the European integration process, which is strategically important for Serbia, in particular in the upcoming period of opening new chapters in the EU talks, the Serbian Defence Ministry said in a statement.

In this regard, Serbia expresses readiness for capacity and capability building in the national security and defence systems, pursuant to the standards and obligations issuing from the joint security and defence policy, and the Serbian government last year adopted a conclusion on joining the concept of EU battle groups, the statement said.

Djordjevic noted that the Ministry of Defence is pursuing a balanced foreign policy, working constantly towards enhancing and developing defence relations with all states and international organisations pursuant to the defined national interests.

The ministry also continues its active involvement in security initiatives and organisations in the southeast European region, Djordjevic said.


  1. It will be lovely and warming to see UK remember it’s friend, Serbia has been a good friend and should be honoured as such , may good relations flourish in all aspects of life between these two countries.

  2. Not good news. Britain has a long, long history of working against Serbs and doing lying propaganda against Serbia and Serbs. This goes back to Ottoman times. Britain supported the Ottoman Empire and helped keep it alive and extra 150 years after it would have disintegrated on its own.
    Brits cannot be trusted, and were even selling millions of euros worth of military communications equipment to Slovenia (secretly and being the Yugoslav government’s back) just prior to the disintegration of Yugoslavia kicked off.
    Serbs are fools not to realize the threat and sneakiness of the British government and media.
    Even in WWII, the Brits tried to prevent, and then tried to sabotage the rescue of hundreds of U.S. pilots shot down behind enemy (German) lines in Serbia. The British did not want the Serbian patriots/royalists to get credit for this.

    • It makes me so saddened to hear how UK is viewed, it does not represent all its people. Some British can be trusted and know only too well the wrong that has been done. I love Serbia and Serbs are my closest friends. I would have it no other way.

      • The British military murdered Serbs. They also came in with the KLA and watched as the KLA systematically ethnically cleansed non-Albanians from Pristina (part of the sector under British control).
        I’ve read of the volunteers who fought for the Croats and Bosnian Muslim, and many were from UK – I don’t think a single one fought for the Serbs. It was either the Croats or Muslims.
        I know the regular people tend to get along with Serbs – if they weren’t brainwashed against them – but I have a bad feeling about any British military (as well as U.S.) involvement in Serbia.

    • Agreed. It would have been so much more illustrative of UK-Serbia relations had another building, just across the street from the one pictured, been featured at the beginning of the article. Defense cooperation, really? If that’s how you call UK destroying Serbian weapons at nato’s whim with the silent blessing of the so-called Serbian government, so be it. Somebody paid for and built those weapons; that they are all “obsolete”, “unsafe” etc. is nothing but the most nauseating, cynical propagandism. Should Serbia be forever thankful to UK for destroying it’s property FOR FREE? Wow, thank you, thank you – such noble intentions and selfless help from UK, as always! UK forgot how it played the silly Serbs into becoming cannon meat on 03/27/41 for it’s own WWII interest; they “rewarded” Serbia in 1945 by pushing it into slavery under a Croat communist dictator and again in 1999 by participating in amputation of the land that gave the Serbs their national identity, didn’t they? And guess what – as a Serbian citizen today you can travel freely to Germany, but not to UK. If you think that’s absurd, think again. “Stop the Serbs. Now. For good.” – Margaret Thatcher

  3. With any luck, the UK will be on its way out of the EU after the referendum vote on June 23 and able to conduct a truly neighbourly, independent foreign policy instead of an being offshore province of the EU .

    Of course, I appreciate the pressures which Serbia is under and respect its right to shape policy as its government and people decide. Having spent around forty years trying to undo the massive mistake we made in joining the EU, I can only hope that different counsels prevail in Serbia. The EU is a suffocating, bureaucratic, corporate, authoritarian dictatorship. The Commission ( effectively its government) is responsible to nobody but itself and its objective is and always has been the abolition and absorption of every nation ” from the Atlantic to the Urals” as Mr Cameron put it when he visited Kazakhstan.
    Pray for us!