KLADOVO – The interior ministers of Serbia and Romania, Nebojsa Stefanovic and Petre Toba, agreed Thursday that the police forces of the two countries set up joint patrols to step up the protection of the border area.

After a meeting at the Djerdap 1 border crossing, Stefanovic highlighted the significance of such patrols, which will help improve protection along the border and curb tobacco and drug trafficking, the Serbian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

There are no misunderstandings between Serbia and Romania with regards to the migrant crisis, and the two countries are committed to cooperation aimed at finding a common, European solution to the problem, Stefanovic said.

Stefanovic and Toba also discussed ways of stepping up police cooperation and the fight against terrorism.

Toba said that the police cooperation has been good, noting that he has invited Stefanovic to a trilateral ministerial meeting of Serbia, Romania and Hungary to discuss current topics, in particular illegal migration.

He said that establishment of an office for cooperation at the Portile border crossing was also agreed to help improve information sharing on all matters, the statement said.