BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says that he will not be making compromises with anyone at the expense of Serbia’s future.

Commenting on a Reuters analysis suggesting that right-wing extremists could endanger Serbia’s European path, Vucic said on a Pink TV talk show on Monday evening that, even after the upcoming elections, he will not make compromises with those who believe that Serbia does not need the European Union.

There are people who would like to steer Serbia back to a path where it would be a country to be avoided like the plague and ugly as a hunchback, he said.

Serbia’s image is not deteriorating, even though some people in Serbia have tried to work against their own country, Vucic said, but refused to name names.

The only thing that matters is that citizens should know that no foreign investor, no European, Turkish or Japanese factory will come to Serbia if it is governed by those whose policy is that we do not need the EU, Vucic said.

“People need to know that. That means putting Serbia’s European future in danger and that is why I am saying that I will not make compromises with such people,” Vucic noted.