“Serbia’s foreign policy rests on four pillars: Moscow, Brussels, Washington and Beijing”

Serbian Flag

BELGRADE – Serbia is a neutral country that relies on the development of multidirectional foreign policy to maintain rapport with all global powers, Serbian Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic told Sputnik.

“Our foreign policy rests on four pillars — Moscow, Brussels, Washington and Beijing. Also, our military cooperation is built on a principal of neutrality. We try to maintain good relationships with all states.”

Serbia’s military neutrality is enshrined in a 2007 parliamentary resolution. However, in February, the country passed a law to cooperate with NATO through an Individual Partnership Action Plan.
Asked about Serbia’s possible plans to join the US-led bloc, Djordjevic pointed out that Serbia, a Balkan nation surrounded by NATO members, “wants to develop cooperation with all countries.”

Since 2014, NATO has been building up its military presence in Europe, particularly in Eastern European countries bordering Russia, using Moscow’s alleged interference in Ukraine as a pretext for the move.


  1. A move that will work, until NATO puts on the squeeze, which it will inevitably do. No-One says NO to NATO and therefore USA as they are both as one. There will come a time when Serbia will still have to show it’s true colours, it’s true allegiance and friendship. Washington and Brussels are hand in glove, Moscow and Being, they are the two untouched and untamed by USA, to be good friends with them may give Serbia the power it does need to be neutral. It is a nice thought and a genuine one. But like everything in this world, NATO/USA will ultimately decide.