Serbs want Russia, do not want EU and NATO – poll


BELGRADE – 71,6 percent of respondents believe that entry into the EU and NATO is not good for Serbia, while more than 55 percent of those surveyed said that Serbia should stick to Russia.

A public opinion survey, conducted by CESID and B92, shows that 11,2 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that it is good for Serbia to enter the EU and NATO.

By contrast, 55,2 percent of respondents said that Serbia should traditionally stick to Russia, and the support for this country is constantly growing.

Slightly more than 19 percent does not agree with the claim, and 21,5 percent are undecided.

The survey concluded that there has been an increase in Euroscepticism in recent years.


  1. I’d like to know who was included in this poll. The majority of Serbs that I know want to move forward and become members of the EU, or at least have more open relations and trade with the EU. While none of them that I know wish to turn their backs on Russia, they do not want to do that to the EU either. They just want to get along and move forward.

    • This was conducted by b92 the most pro eu/ NATO and tv channel… so technically there’s way more pro Russians then this survey depicts … also may I add me want to leave the past yes that’s true. But what’s the problem if serbia wants to join EEU (Russian union)..oh just cause the west will hate us… well if thts the case then we are Better off without them.. I know Russia would still support us if we joined eu so why can’t the west support us if we want to join EEU (Russian union)… pozz

    • Then you do NOT know any Serbs, only Serbian cityzens of which 1/3 aren’t Serbs and actually oppose us covertly in many cases!

      • Maybe it is the western funded NGO workers in Serbia. The EU has funding programs to brainwash Serbs towards the EU.
        Also, could be certain liberal diaspora Serbs who mostly believe western propaganda against Serbia anyway.

  2. Listen to your people, they live with decisions of politicians the people are the ones who have to bring their children into a Serbia of the future. They have tasted what they mean to EU and NATO and USA and that meaning is simply Less Than Zero, they see what Serbia does and always has meant to Russia, friend, security and someone prepared to help defend her RUSSIA NOT EU !!!!

  3. very bad for those Serbs who support US and NATO, murderers who destroyed and killed innocent people who had nothing to do with the war. In addition to supporting murderers and terrorists who invaded and occupied territory belonging to Serbia. Russians are Slavs, who have always been with Serbs in the worst situations in their history.

    • How could any Serb ever trust EU after their partaking in the worst infliction against Serbia? Too right, Russia is family, likewise in their culture and language. With EU at the behest of USA, what possible advantage would Serbia have by join EU? That they would be safe? That they would have trade? Come on, EU has already destroyed Greece, and trying it’s utmost to destroy any other that may wish to disobey it’s doctrine. EU is not a union of common interest – it is a bloated out of control insanity that is sinking and drowning fast and taking all those associated with it down aswell. Siding with EU will not progress Serbia into a better future, Russia on the other hand is at least free of West corruption and suicide, she can survive without EU, so must Serbia.

      • VERY WELL spoken. TOTALLY agree!!!! Brussels clan made up of criminals of the worst kind. Spending money like crazy that they do not have. European accounts have NOT been approved for the LAST FOURTEEN YEARS !!!!!!! 2014 EUROPEAN BUDGET DEFICIT WAS TWO HUNDRED SIXTY BILLION EUROS THAT SOMEONE WILL END UP PAYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess who???? The european taxpayer, while the SCUM in Brussels keeps stuffing their pockets, acquiring retirement benefits that they NEVER paid a penny for and filling their stomach everyday with 5 star meals and champagne. It is an ABSOLUTE SCANDAL. I seriously hope that this Titanic will sink VERY SOON !!!!
        And BIG THANKS to the Dutch people who voted against the association treaty wit Ukraine. At least there are still a few people in Europe who understand this European MEGASCAM PONZISCHEME !!!!!

      • Not only Greece. Look at Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania. Only Germany, France and UK have benefits from EU. Weak countries are being robbed.

  4. The EU is a failed project. Hopefully, Britain will leave it and then the dominoes will start to fall. It is now a politically motivated super-state taking its decisions based on U.S diktat and not on the democratic principles it was founded on. As for NATO, it is a dinosaur left over from the cold war with an aggressive political agenda based on divide and rule. It would be an act of folly to join it. Serbia should be looking at the Norwegian model re closer ties with the EU but not fully inclusive membership. It should also nurture its relations with Russia, India, China and those areas of the world whose economies are on the rise.

    • I never thought of Serbia going along the Norweigian line, always thought it would be good for Britain – and yes Serbia too, keeping her friendship with Russia and exploring India and China – under EU India and China would be problematic as no EU country can trade under its own flag.

    • Coud not have said it any better. How VERY TRUE !!!!! The dutch who just voted against the association treaty with Ukraine deserve a medal !!!! Hopefully this will pull the british over the line for a BREXIT. Once that happens the whole circus will start to crumble and fall to pieces and it will be the BEST THING that happened to Europe for a long time. This whole EU circus is a crime, nothing is farther away from democracy than this SCAM !!!!! I can’t wait for june …… and if it goes the way I think it will go I’ll be drunk for three days !!!!!

  5. Almost every serbians I met they like russia much more than their own country,IDK why, it;s weird but it’s true.I am neither russian nor serbians I am not even from any slavic country, so its my honest opinion.its like they have some kind of bloodbond which can not be separated by politics.