Seselj not satisfied with results


BELGRADE – Serbian Radical Party (SRS) President Vojislav Seselj said late on Sunday that he was not satisfied with the election results, as he had expected more, but the most important thing for his party at the moment was that it was back in parliament.

Speaking to a press conference at the SRS election headquarters, Seselj said that he had to “admit we are not satisfied, as we expected more, but the people decided what they decided and we have to respect our people, who estimated us to be worth this much. Nevertheless, our fight continues and we are confident that we will meet the expectations and fullfil the desires of the Serbian citizens who have given us their trust,” said Seselj.

“We will make effort to make the parliament work more seriously than in this term, and we will raise parliamentary discussions to a higher level,” said Seselj.

Seselj added that the SRS had achieved good results in Vojvodina.


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