BELGRADE – The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) set up a legal team Tuesday that has filed an official request with the competent bodies for a repeat tabulation of votes cast in Serbia’s parliamentary election on April 24, the SNS said in a release.

The SNS says that the request was filed in order to protect the election process and the free electoral will of the citizens as there were obvious abuses and certain inconsistencies in the process.

The SNS said they had warned before and on election day that they had reasonable suspicion to believe that certain political parties and groups were consciously violating election procedures, exercising pressure of the citizens and bodies and institutions involved in the election process and using unlawful and illegal activities to prevent citizens from expressing thier free will and their basic democratic right to elect a government to represent them.

The SNS wants to say that it will not allow any political party to violate the electoral will of the citizens in any way, as it must be clear and free of any signs of abuse and reasons for suspicion, as that is the only way for Serbia to become a modern democratic state in which the voice and will of citizens is inviolable.