PRISTINA – The inauguration ceremony of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci was held in Pristina on Friday, preceded by a minor incident, when tear gas was released in two bursts.

In his address, Thaci said that after all fights for Kosovo’s freedom and independence, a joint fight for membership in the UN, NATO and EU should follow.

Thaci underlined that he would build good-neighborly relations, adding that the dialogue with Belgrade and EU path had to go on and describing it as a national task, Tanjug’s on-site reporter said.

Kosovo and Serbia should go from the phase of the normalization of relations to the phase of reconciliation between the two states and the two peoples. I am convinced that reconciliation will happen eventually, Taci said.

The inauguration took place in the central city square under tight security measures. Citizens were not allowed access to the site.

Ethnic Albanian separatists unilaterally declared the independence of Kosovo in February 2008, which Serbia does not recognize.