SARAJEVO – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says that the Dayton Agreement entitles and obliges him to care for Serbs in Republika Srpska.

The ICTY verdict for Radovan Karadzic provides no grounds for different legal and political consequences for Republika Srpska and everyone knows that, Vucic told the Sarajevo-based OBN television.

Serbs and Bosniaks need to understand that they will have to live together for a long time to come and that Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are hugely significant to one another and major trade partners, he said.

“Serbia will soon overtake Croatia in terms of trade with BiH,” Vucic said, adding that the Serbian government and the BiH Council of Ministers are working on a few small, but concrete joint projects.

The Western Balkan region has a good future, Vucic said, pointing to the promising prospect of merging the markets of former Yugoslav states that are outside the EU.