Vucic: Extremism growing in Balkans


BELGRADE – A return to the past and conflicts would be a disaster for Serbia, says Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, adding that he does not want to be the head of a government that would have to collaborate with protagonists of instability in the region.

Extremism is growing in all Western Balkan countries, and that is no good news, Vucic said on a B92 talk show Monday.

Extremist views also exist in Europe, and some governments adopt parts of the policies promoted by extremist groups in order to protect themselves from pressure, he said.

“I do not want to make compromises with such ideas. That is a policy that would cost Serbia dearest,” Vucic said.

Vucic said that it is his job as prime minister to care about the present and the future and that he is not interested in being prime minister in the future if that means collaborating with protagonists of instability in the region.

“We fought for a long time to make Serbia the anchor of stability in the region, we have boosted the country’s international reputation. We cannot let that be destroyed overnight,” he said, expressing satisfaction with the fact that the Fiscal Council praised the government on Monday for its economic successes.


  1. Giving up on defense of your people and its lands; and,giving up on international justice; and, taking on the policy of those that bombed Serbs is not considered a fight, nor is it considered stability. It is a surrender to the international criminal states. Uniting Serbs into one country is not a crime. It was three Born in Serbia tennis players that changed Serbia’s international reputation. Nikolic and Vucic took advantage by riding the coats tails of that sport’s reputation, and committed treason with the launch of the SNS party’s actions. They turned their backs on Seselj’s trial in 2008, which showed their true color and character.

  2. To be an anchor, to be stable means strength, it means being able to defend aswell as push those who threaten your sovereignty so far distant they need a guide to find their way back. Maybe you can recall the strength Serbia had, not so long ago, not out of memory, until the true forces of evil imposed their self indulgent ways and have created the world we live in today. Serbia’s strength kept stability in the Balkans, NATO destroyed that and this is the instability we now live with, all of Europe.