BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said he hopes Serbia and Croatia will overcome all problems and that he wants to believe in better relations, although it would suit him better today to say some harsh words about Croatia as that would have been met with approval in Serbia.

“We act responsibly. I have recently had a fair, serious and responsible conversation with the Croatian president and I hope that all other EU member states would understand this and help ensure that relations in the Balkans improve faster,” Vucic said when asked about Serbia’s relations with Croatia.

He says he is always ready to talk with representatives of Croatia, as it is in the interest of both countries that relations be better.

“People who think that the solution lies in poor relations and insults both in their and our country – I think that is something we should leave behind us, that it sends a wrong signal about all of us in the Balkans, and I believe we can do much better and more. The entire Balkans can be an engine of the EU’s development,” Vucic said.